• Precision Laser...

    Precision Laser Cutting Services

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    Genlab offer subcontract service of precision laser and plasma cutting. Our machines are cable of working upto 3000mm x 1500mm with auto feed facilities enabling us to offer competitive large volume runs to single 1 off designs.

    With tolerances of lower than 0.5mm and the power to accurately cut through 15mm thick material, we offer a quick turn around service, competively priced with full 3D DAC design service. 

  • Precision Folding and...

    Precision Folding, Forming & Punching

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    Genlab offer subcontract service of precision forming using the latest automated machines. Our machines possesses a 3 metre bed, with a 100 tonne x 3000mm working area allowing virtually any piece to be worked upon.

    The machines advanced features simplify the bending process allowing for more complex workpieces and bending accuracy.

    With tolerances of lower than 0.3mm and 0.5 deg angles, please contact us to discuss your requirements

    Our punch machine is a 20 tonne CNC punch with a working area of 2500 x 1250 which offers high speed punching and repeatability.

  • Precision Welding

    Precision Welding

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    Genlab have a large team of time served experience welders. With a combined experience of over 100 years within the team, we offer a competivive subcontract service from a team proud of their craftsmanship.

    From simple trays to complex frames and structures, we can design bespoke products using 3D CAD and can weld a variety of metals.

    We can offer same day service for low volume runs and repair service and have a comprehensive stock of sheet, rod and tubular metal.

    For larger runs, we design and build bespoke template frames so can guarantee the repeatability of each product.

    To discuss your requirements, please click on the link below

  • Overlay Facia Design /...

    Overlay Facia Design / Manufacture

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    Genlab have inhouse graphic designers with a wealth of experience in designing facias and keypads to suit your product identity and brand image. Our FREE design service will ensure your product will get upgrade you are wanting without having to invest in creative design time.

    We can offer low volume high resolution digital printing, to high volume screen printing and finishes include metallic and chrome. 

    Using the latest design software, we offer competitive solutions on the following product ranges :

    • Membrane Keypads
    • Membrane Switches
    • Fascias
    • LED Backlights
    • Labels and Overlays

    To discuss your requirements, please contact us from the link below

  • Powder Coating

    Powder Coating

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    Genlab offer high quality powder coating services with quick turnaroud times and free collection and delivery around the North West UK.

    We have a variety of baking ovens for high volume box style products to large frameworks over 3m tall.

    Whether you are looking for multiple colours, a high quality durable finish, or corrosion protection, please contact is below to discuss your requirements

  • Temperature Probe...

    Temperature Probe Assembly

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    One of the key products in designing the optimum thermal loop is selecting the best suited temperature sensor for the application. Whether you are wanted a stable sensor, or a quick responding sensor, or a high accurate sensor, Genlab offer custom built sensors, designed your way with quick lead times.
    Whether it's thermocouples, RTDs (Pt100s), thermistors or thermowells that you require, we can be build to your specification, either as a one-off or a mass production run.                                       

    Available from stock, we can offer the following :

    Thermocouples - Type K, J, T, N, E, R, S and B

    Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) - Pt100 and Pt1000

    Thermistors - NTC and PTC

    Hand Held Sensors - Immersion, Penetration, surface and more

    Transmitters - Thermocouple and RTD (4 ~ 20mA)

    Instrumentation - Hand held indicators and other temperature instrumentation

    Dial Thermometers - Bi-Metalic or Gas Filled

    Any of the above product range can come with traceable UKAS certification if required, please just let us know with your order.

    As a team of thermal engineers, we pride ourselves in the knowledge of selecting the best sensor  to suit the application so please contact us below and we can advise you accordingly.

  • Control Panel Design &...

    Control Panel Design & Manufacture

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    Genlab offer 'turn key' control panel design and manufacturing services. Our experienced project design engineers offer a high quality manufacturing  service from our modern facilities in Widnes.  We can offer simple solutions of enclosing single loop PID controllers into enclosures, through to fully automated PLC solutions. We also offer on site panel designs and upgrades of most electric and gas furnaces as per the photo above.

    All our control panels are fully tested and inspected and come with comprehensive documentation packs, complying with current BS EN Standards.

    With fast turnaround times and a pride in understandarding our clients requirements, we offer a competitive solution using only the market leading control switch gear and instrumentation

    We have experience in the following wide range of industries:

    • Food
    • Chemical
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Automotive
    • HVAC
    • Emergency Smoke Extraction
    • Oil/Gas
    • Petro-Chemical
    • Manufacturing
    • Renewable Energy

    For further information about the services we provide or to discuss a particular projects please contact us below

  • Hands Free Door...

    Hands Free Door Opening Kits to Help Reduce Coronavirus (COVID-19) Spread


    The Genlab hands free door opening kit has been developed to help reduce the risk of cross contamination that could occur when opening latch free doors with your hands in public places. Although designed specifically to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) but will also help prevent the spread of other infections found on toilet or other commonly used public doors.

    The kits can be retrofitted to any type of commercial, industrial or household doors, allowing operators to open any latch free locking door using their feet, in an easy to operate motion.

    Manufactured from 3mm thick stainless steel pull plate and supplied with a 3mm thick rear supporting plate, it is designed for heavy industrial / commercial continuous use.

    They can be installed internally or on external doors and supplied with a connection kit to suit doors up to 50mm thick. Installation takes less then 2 minutes per door.

    OEM custom branding and powder coating also available.


    • Heavy duty 3mm 304 stainless steel
    • Retrofit most types of doors
    • Installation time < 2 minutes per door
    • Suitable for internal or external use
    • Available in any colour upon request
    • Compact size...6cm x 12cm x 10cm (HxWxD)

  • Bespoke Control...

    Electronic design and manufacture of bespoke PCB's for OEM's

    CAD Design
    PCB build and test

    Genlab have a wealth of experience in both thermal engineering and all designs of electrical control, interface and multi loop systems. We have successfully taken a variety of projects from initial concept stage, through design and development, into completed successful products. We pride ourselves in the close relationship we have with our clients, understanding their requirements and working together to create the optimum solution. Our customers are experts in their own markets, so combining this knowledge with our experienced design and manufacturing skills creates market leading products.

    We have a dedicated team of electrical design engineers, PCB designers, mechanical engineers and a complimentary team of software engineers offering multi-skill platforms in multiple disciplines. We can offer full turnkey solutions and our partnering manufacturing facility is capable of single prototype batches through to 100,000 batch runs.

    If you have a product idea, get in touch and we would be happy to discuss potential designs and solutions. Genlab specialise in PID loops, with logic handling and data recording, with expertise in air flow, pressure, humidity and level control. Whatever protocols your product needs to communicate with the outside world will be included in the PCB design. Our engineers have a wealth of experience with most of them including USB, RS232, RS485, Bluetooth, LCD, LED, Touch Screens, BACnet, Ethernet and Android. Our development team will be able to advise on the best protocol and seamlessly integrate it into your product design.


    • Turn Key Solutions
    • Keep your own Intellectual Property rights to your concept
    • Multi discipline teams : Hardware, software, mechanical and graphical designers
    • Analogue or Digital hardware design
    • Multi Layer PCB design
    • EMC Compliance Testing
    • Single batch prototype to 100K production runs


    • Multi loop PID systems
    • Self tuning algorithms
    • Choice of communications, RS485, ethernet, BACnet
    • Integral datalogging
    • Complimentary PC based firmware
    • Precision mechanical fabrication and product interface
    • Keypad Facia Design and Manufacture

    Design through to concept

    Our PCB design services provide electronic solutions to save you money and improve your products capability and reliability, by including the latest electronic technology within our PCB design. Let us supply the technology for you to be the market leader within your business sector.

    We make integrating electronics into your product easy. From concept through PCB layout design and prototyping to full manufacture and test. Discuss your product concept with our team in confidence, and under NDA if required, to explore its feasibility. We will then produce a development proposal outlining the concept of operation, agreeable project milestones with all associated costs and time scales.

    Customers wishing to explore the viability of a potential product can take advantage of our ability to quickly and cost effectively explore a basic concept complete with prototype PCB design. This will enable us to provide an estimated product cost should the development go ahead.

    First, your product will require a full schematic PCB design, including a number of different features:

    The power supply may be AC mains or DC low voltage. The product may be low cost or high performance. We have already designed hundreds of different types of power supply and have the PCB layout design for whatever is required, which takes into consideration all environmental, legislative, power and budget requirements.

    Product functionally may be controlled by simple logic gates or a Microprocessor, it may even require an integrated processor in an FPGA. Our engineers have many years experience of digital design using microprocessors from all leading manufacturers including ARM, Atmel, Cypress, Microchip and NXP. We also specialise in FPGA / CPLD development using VHDL with Altera and Xilinx. Whatever is the right product to do the job, we will incorporate it into our PCB design layout.

    Even working with minimal specifications such as PCB dimensions and what inputs and outputs you require, we can produce full schematics and PCB layouts for you. Once the schematic design is complete using industry standard EDA tools, it moves seamlessly into the integrated PCB layout design software. Your products physical restrictions and interconnections along with manufacturability are all taken into account by the PCB designer during this design phase.

    Now we are ready to produce a prototype or pre- production batch of your product. These assembled boards are used to validate the hardware design and to start developing the necessary firmware.

    Our firmware development experience encompasses numerous languages and environments including Assembler, C, C++, and JAVA. The language used depends on the processor and application. Usually a low cost processor having a simple repetitive task could be developed in assembler and a more complex system with large data storage would use C++ on a higher end processor.

    You may also require a PC or Android application to communicate with your product and display information. Our software development team will produce your software using C#, C++ or JAVA depending on the platform

    Electronic Manufacturing Services

    We provide full electronics manufacturing services and can support you to re-engineer your product as it evolves through its life cycle, with the flexibility to handle one- off prototypes through to full production volumes.

    Unlike some other electronics companies, we provide a full range of electronics manufacturing services from rapid prototyping, obsolescence engineering support, product re-engineering, capability upgrades, design re-work, failure analysis or batch manufacturing. We pride ourselves on being one of the most competitive electronic manufacturing companies for electronic manufacturing services in the UK.

    Genlab have the tools, knowledge and expertise to produce your products, to your specifications, to the highest quality and on time. We will gladly accept free issue components for your project, or if required, work with our approved supply chain to compile BOMs ready, offering our customers the best solution that works for them.

    We use the latest in fully automated surface mount assembly equipment, facilitating fast accurate placement of components down to 1005 and uBGA, coupled with intelligent feeders for rapid setup and flexibility, allowing us to complete relatively small batches economically.

    The additional advantage of this technology is the ability to react quickly to our customers requirements on short lead-time deliveries. This technology coupled with a team of experienced assembly technicians carrying out through hole conventional assembly enable Genlab to deal with whatever challenges are thrown our way.

    Our highly trained staff can build complex surface mount technology PCB's by hand to provide a low cost solution for prototyping and small-scale production runs. Once your product is proven, or your production quantities increase, we can move seamlessly to our automated pick and place machine to reduce build time and costs.

    Our electronics manufacturing services range from the supply of assembled boards using your free-issue components through to full sourcing and supply of parts, coupled with board build, final product assembly and wiring including all programming and functional test.
    Over the years, we have built an established network of component suppliers from reputable electronics companies and can leverage our purchasing power to reduce the material cost of your products. We also work closely with a number of printed circuit board manufacturers, enabling us to source from the best possible supplier to meet your products complexity or quality standards.

    Our test department is staffed by conscientious people, who take pride in ensuring your products leave us at the highest standard possible.

    Whether it is purely visual inspection or full programming and functional test specified, they have a range of tools and equipment available to provide you with a trouble free product.

    Everything from receipt of order to supply of finished goods is recorded on our computer systems providing us with full traceability of parts, assembly operations and test results. This process helps us to identify any possible weaknesses in products or parts and enables us to recommend any enhancements we may see in your product.

    We create all manufacturing documentation necessary to provide us with the means to provide you with a quality product time after time all backed by a twelve month guarantee on everything produced. At the end of the development we pass over full Intellectual Property rights to you. However, this is often not the end of the development. Product upgrades and on going continued support are all part of the solution we offer in our partnership. We share the philosophy that the better your product is, the more products sales we all benefit from so ongoing support is key.


    Our Bespoke Control Solutions division is also complimented with mechanical design, precision laser cutting, and graphical design services for overlay facias, and, a wealth of experience in supporting EMC testing.

Subcontract Projects

Bespoke Control Electronic Solutions for OEMs


Electronic design and manufacture of bespoke PCBs for OEMs .

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Hands Free Door Opening Kits to Help Reduce Coronavirus Spread


Retrofit Hands Free Door Opening Kits designed to help reduce spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) .

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Precision Laser Cutting Services


We use the highest quality laser cutter in our fabrication work shop. Our laser cutting is available for subcontract use .

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Precision Folding and Forming


Sheet metal folding and forming service available for most materials.

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Precision Welding


Over 50 years of welding experience is available for subcontract use.

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Overlay Facia Design / Manufacture


Free inhouse graphic designers are available to complement our facia manufacturing division.

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Powder Coating


We can pre treat and powder coat to any preferred colour with quick turn around times.

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Temperature Probe Assembly


Temperature probes and assemblies, designed and manufactured to your specifications.

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Control Panel Design & Manufacture


Control panel design and assembly service covering all types of industry.

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