Q. Is it possible to obtain a brochure for a Genlab product?
A. The brochures for many of our products are available in the Download section.

Q. Do new Genlab products come with a warranty?
A. All new Genlab products, apart from the Cooled Incubator range, have a 2 year warranty. All Cooled Incubators are supplied with a 1 year warranty.

Q. Is it possible to obtain replacement operating instructions for my Genlab oven/drying cabinet/incubator?
A. Many of the operating instructions for Genlab's most popular products are available as PDF documents in the Download section.

Q. What is the power consumption of a Genlab product?
A. Genlab produces a range of products. Click here for details of power consumption for specific products.

Q. Where is Genlab located?
A. Genlab is based in Tanhouse Lane,Riverview Industrial Estate,Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 0SR. For further contact details, including a google map, click here.

Q. Does Genlab comply with the WEEE and RoHS Regulations?
A. Genlab takes its commitment to Environmental Regulations very seriously. For further information on compliance with both of these pieces of legislation click here.

Q. Is it possible to use a debit/credit card for a payment to Genlab?
A. Genlab can accept debit and credit card payment for its products and services. Simply call 0151 424 5001 to make the payment over the telephone.


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All Genlab products come with a two year warranty

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