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Using Genlab’s 60+ years of thermal engineering experience, we offer custom built test equipment to suit specific ISO standards. Our latest CUI tester is a custom built product that simulate conditions to meet the ISO 19277 qualification testing required for many Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas industries. Working closely with UK leading testing houses, we discuss ISO specifications and offer a unique ‘Concept, to Product Design and Build’ service using the latest PLC control systems.


  • Energy efficient, <5KW max for testing 3 samples
  • Integral Overheat shut down system
  • 415V 3 Phase + N
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Extraction hood designed to vent chamber salt water (75mm)
  • Automated fill control, calibratable to local conditions
  • Compact solution (120cm H x 90cm W x 80cm D)


  • Automated Test Sequences, simply press ‘GO’ then data capture in 1008 hours
  • PLC Control
  • 3 Sample Testing
  • Auto level fill control
  • Dry boil detection
  • 4 Zone temperature control and pre test calibration sequence
  • Historical Trending
  • Easy to use intuitive touch screen control
  • Alarm and event history


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All Genlab products come with a two year warranty

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